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The term “probate” simply refers to the process by which a decedent’s will is validated. When a will is filed with the probate court, a probate proceeding is initiated. Probate proceedings are largely carried out by the estate’s executor, and are designed to effect an orderly distribution of a decedent’s assets in a manner that is fair to all interested parties.

Attorney Chris Chicoine has the necessary experience and knowledge to effectively guide his clients through the probate process. Chris will also help trustees navigate complex requirements commonly found in certain categories of trust agreements.

Attorney Chris Chicoine’s probate services include:

  • Representing personal representatives, heirs and trustees;
  • Crafting an effective strategy to achieve smooth estate administration;
  • Probate litigation, including will contests and TEDRA disputes;
  • Probate initiation and closure; asset appraisement and inventories; and property distributions.
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