Our Bankruptcy Practice

CLG’s Bankruptcy Practice provides creative, cost-effective solutions to clients in an ever-changing landscape of bankruptcy law. Chris Chicoine has significant experience in all aspects of bankruptcy-related representation and financial restructuring, including representation of individual and business debtors in Chapter 11 restructuring, financial institutions, private investors, landlords, secured and unsecured creditors, distressed asset buyers and landlords.

Our approach is to assess our clients’ needs and objectives, and if necessary, draw on our related experience in litigation and tax, corporate and real estate law. This allows us to craft the most efficient and effective strategy to address our clients’ unique circumstances.

What Chris's Clients Have To Say

  • “Chris represented my wife and me when we filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 2-3 years ago. We went to Chris because we owned multiple “upside down” properties and faced insurmountable debts. From the beginning, it was clear that Chris genuinely cared about our case. Chris kept us well informed throughout the bankruptcy process and was responsive to our various questions and concerns. It was also clear that Chris is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area of law. We were able to reduce our property mortgages and car loan. We confirmed our Chapter 11 Plan and obtained our bankruptcy discharge. With Chris’ help we were able to obtain a fresh financial start we desperately needed. Thank you Chris for all your hard work on our case.”

    Bankruptcy Client
  • “My wife and I own a business and various investment properties that became "underwater" when real estate values dropped in following the recent economic downturn 2007 - 2009. Chris was our bankruptcy attorney who represented us in restructuring our debts under Chapter 11. Chris was able to negotiate highly favorable resolutions with our lenders. With Chris' help, we confirmed our Chapter 11 plan efficiently and cost-effectively, substantially reduced our mortgage balances which enabled us to "cash flow" our properties, and ultimately obtained our discharge of personal liability on our debts.

    Chris' diligence, skill and deep understanding of the Bankruptcy Code, as well as his sincere willingness to see us through our financial plight, helped us immensely during the bankruptcy process. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to restructure their debt through bankruptcy.”

    Bankruptcy Client
  • Chris represented my wife and I in our individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chris was very sympathetic of our financial plight that was precipitated by the real estate market meltdown and helped us to understand the complex bankruptcy process involved in an individual reorganization.

    Chris successfully negotiated a highly favorable resolution with the lender for our investment property, and efficiently confirmed our Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization. We were also able to discharge our debts by funding our Plan in an amount equivalent to the liquidated value of our non-exempt assets.

    Chris was conscious of legal costs and clearly has the skill and professionalism to navigate what can be a very complicated bankruptcy process. I highly recommend Chris for any bankruptcy-related matter and cannot thank him enough for his efforts and achievements in our case.

    Chris's assistance was the first step towards our "fresh start.”

    Bankruptcy Client

Services Provided

CLG has expertise in all areas of bankruptcy law. CLG’s attorneys also have substantial trial experience in State Court, Federal District Court, U.S. Tax Court, and Bankruptcy Court. CLG’s bankruptcy services include:

  • Out-of-court loan workouts and debt restructurings;
  • Chapter 11 reorganizations for individuals and businesses;
  • Chapter 7 liquidations for individuals and business;
  • Creditor representation in consumer and commercial bankruptcies under Chapter 7, 11, and 13;
  • Complex creditor motion practice, including automatic stay litigation, adequate protection payment issues, lease assumption/rejection, application for administrative claims, cash collateral matters, and contested plan confirmation proceedings;
  • Bankruptcy litigation, including preference, fraudulent transfer, and tax dischargeability issues;
  • Prosecuting and defending nondischargeability litigation on behalf of creditors and debtors-in-possession;
  • Bankruptcy sales, including representation of buyers in §363 assets sales;
  • Initiating litigation seeking appointment of trustee or examiner, bankruptcy case dismissals or conversions;
  • Landlord and lessor representation, including litigation related to assumption/rejection of leases, application for administrative expense claims;
  • Tax advice related to bankruptcy, out-of-court workouts, tax dischargeability and tax debt restructuring in bankruptcy;
  • Litigation for the appointment of trustees and examiners in Chapter 11 proceedings.
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