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Chicoine Law Group, PLLC is a boutique law firm providing client-focused solutions to complex tax, business, and insolvency matters. Through our decades of combined advocacy and litigation experience, we are committed to achieving successful, cost-effective results, and the trust of the clients we serve. CLG is more than just a law practice; it’s a family business.

We pride ourselves on having the reputation, experience, and skill of lawyers in much larger law firms, but with the personal attention and efficiency that a smaller firm can provide.

Our practice focuses primarily on civil and criminal tax litigation, business and tax solutions, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy law. Together, we have over 50 years of combined experience in these areas.

Prior to founding CLG, Robert gained valuable and extensive experience as a tax and senior trial attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel for the U.S. Treasury Department. Robert has earned a reputation amongst his peers as a top tax litigator advocating for taxpayers throughout the country in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice. Robert has experienced success at all virtually all court levels, from federal courts, including the U.S. Tax Court, through various Circuit Courts of Appeals and the U. S. Supreme Court. A complete list of Robert’s achievements can be found at his profile page.

Selecting an attorney is an enormously important decision. Skill, integrity, cost efficiency, and commitment to serving to serving clients each matter. We believe we possess each of these qualities, and will strive to offer the same to each of our valued clients.


CLG is a unique law firm. It is comprised of lawyers possessing the skill, sophistication, and “high profile” case experience typical of corporate-style law firms. Unlike its large firm counterparts, CLG provides highly personalized attention to its clients while operating at a much lower overhead. As a result, CLG is able to deliver top-notch results in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, our passion is to satisfy our clients. As your attorneys, we promise to do the following:

  • Listen
  • Provide quality and cost-effective service
  • Zealously defend your interests
  • Justify your confidence in our firm
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