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Chicoine Law Group

Chicoine Law Group, PLLC (“CLG”) is a boutique law firm providing client-focused solutions for complex tax and insolvency matters. Through our decades of combined trial and litigation experience, we are committed to aggressively seeking rapid and cost-effective relief for our clients.

CLG’s practice focuses primarily on tax controversy, tax collection, white collar crime, and tax litigation. CLG’s combined expertise in tax law and litigation allows it to provide creative solutions to our clients’ diverse and ever-changing needs.

We're more than just a law practice.
We're a business with deep ties to the Seattle community.

Robert Chicoine advises clients in matters of state and federal taxation, be it planning to minimize tax disputes, effectively resolving administrative scrutiny by taxing authorities, or defending clients in litigation when tax controversies cannot be settled. He has been called upon as an expert on issues of federal taxation and has been engaged by tax agencies in U.S. territories as a lead lawyer in complex litigation.

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